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Abbotts View Alpacas is a working farm where we breed alpacas, rare breed sheep and pigs. Our Certificated Location is surrounded on three sides by small alpaca paddocks with alpacas and their cria (baby alpacas) gently grazing. The CL is open March through September.

Due to their very inquisitive nature you will no doubt have them watching you and they are particularly fond of laughing at people’s reversing techniques!


The site is flat and laid to lawn (awnings with breathable groundsheets only please).  There is a freshwater point within the field and direct gated access to the toilet disposal and recycling point.


The farm is unique as it is an eco farm with no national grid electricity connection. All electricity and hot water is produced through harvesting renewable energy (wind and sun). We have installed Electric Hook Ups but they are for low power usage only please. i.e. Lights, fridge, low power kettle, water pump, battery charging, microwave, etc.  i.e. everything is OK except for high current draws like heaters. So, no electric space heaters, water heaters, standard high power kettles. For heating and cooking please use gas.


There is a separate toilet block nearby with hot and cold water and a wheelchair accessible toilet. Being off grid means our sewage is also treated locally using a system that requires naturally occurring bacteria so no traditional toilet chemicals are permitted. Instead we have to use a natural environmentally friendly toilet additive and therefore have to adhere to a strict chemical policy. There are a few on the market now and we stock one called Blue Bio. We can provide it at a heavily discounted price (£10). It is probably cheaper (per use) than your currrent chemical. This can be used in place of your pink flush fluid (if you use one) as well as in your toilet cassette. Not all chemicals listed as green or eco can be used here so for a full list of acceptable chemicals click here.

Please ensure that your toilet cassette is empty and rinsed before arriving as we cannot dispose of chemicals on site.


We also have pigs, free range ducks, ponies, guinea pigs and rabbits at the farm and, depending on the season, we may have free range duck eggs and home reared pork available.


Beyond the alpaca paddocks you will enjoy viewing the beautiful Chiltern Hills and Dunstable Downs. Overhead are many species of bird including red kites, barn owls, tawny owls with many other species in the nearby woodland including bull finch, chaffinch and woodpeckers.  


There is a large, and very active, badger set within the grounds.


Light pollution is very low, considering we are only 5 miles from 2 towns, which allows for some spectacular skies at night. Due to the wonderful open vista and elevated location you are advised to use storm straps on your awning in strong winds.


The site is secure with cctv cameras and an electric gate. A key fob will be provided for the gate but please return it on departure.


The site is home to Abbotts View Alpacas the most highly rated attraction on TripAdvisor near Aylesbury. See Things To Do.

Call James:

07970 692550