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We accept dogs as long as you are sure they will not try to chase our free range ducks or worry our alpacas or other livestock (who may be pregnant). You know your dog.  We have had a dog attack before, resulting in the death of an alpaca so if your dog exhibits any behaviour which we consider not acceptable, we unfortunately have to ask you to leave. This may be barking exessively, or chasing. We are dog lovers, but the welfare of our livestock is of paramount importance at all times.


There are plenty of places to walk your dog on and off the lead right outside the main gate.  When on farm please keep your dog on a lead and do not walk your dog on farm.


Please do not  take your dog up to the fence to 'introduce' your dog to the alpacas. The Alpacas will come over to the fence to see your dog which may appear as curious and cute but they will be fearful and stressed which can cause them to miscarry.

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