Electrics and ChemicalsElectrics and Chemicals
We have installed Electric Hook Ups (with 6Amp, 1.4KW, 1400 Watt breakers). This will enable you to use lights, fridge, low power kettle, water pump, battery charging, microwave but will not allow for high current draws like many heaters. So, no electric space heaters, high power water heaters or kettles. For heating and cooking please use gas. You may need to switch things on and off selectively. Most truma water heaters will be fine.

This includes the popular blue additives that are commonly used in a chemical loo as well as anti bacterial hand soap, washing up liquid, pink flush additive, etc. Instead, you will need to use an approved bio toilet additive. Not all chemicals listed as green or eco can be used here.
For a full list of acceptable chemicals click here.
We stock a very good additive called Blue Bio. We can provide it at a heavily discounted price (£10). It is probably cheaper (per use) than your current chemical. This can also be used in your flush.
Some customers simply don't use a chemical additive or use our on site toilets which are accessible 24x7 and have hot running water. (no shower)
Please ensure that your toilet cassette is free of anti bacterial chemicals before arriving. We cannot dispose of chemicals onsite.