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ELECTRIC HOOK UPS: 16 AMP, no charge!!, but no electrical heating permitted!.
We produce our own electricity using solar and wind which is stored in a huge battery bank . This means we have to be very careful using it. We do have a backup diesel generator but it is extremely expensive to run and we don't really want to install electricity meters and charge for power (the per unit cost would shock you (excuse the pun!) at £1 per unit and rising with the fuel and energy crisis). So, electricity is provided on a trust basis. You can use kettles, toasters, hair dryers, televisions, etc but strictly no heating. So, no electric space heaters, water heaters. For heating and cooking please use gas. Please support our green credentials and use gas wherever possible and switch things off when not in use, especially electric water heaters (which are very poorly uninsulated) and switch off as much as possible overnight (when the sun has gone in and we're running on battery). Just one unit using electric heating will drain the whole battery bank and could cause a power outage.

The only chemical toilet additives approved for use on our site are 
SolBio and BlueBio Clear (We hope this list will grow as manufacturers adapt their products and remove aquatic life harmful dye)
Please do not use any other toilet additive. 

Our eco friendly sewage treatment plant uses natural bacteria to process the waste and feed clean water to the fields and pond. It is similar to a brewery process where the microbes are required breed and ‘eat’ our waste. They are a bacteria so therefore no anti bacterial products of chemicals can be disposed of here.

No anti bacterial soap, washing up liquid, bleach, dettol or formaldehyde products can be emptied into our waste disposal.
Please note. Many (in fact, most) products say “good for septic tanks” on the label but are still anti bacterial so are not good for our system which is not a septic tank but a biological sewage treatment plant.

The output of the plant has to be very good quality, clear and uncontaminated water. The clean output is fed into a pond and dyes can change the colour of water and harm aquatic and other pond life.

Many toilet additives kill bacteria which would also kill the sewage treatment plant costing us £250 every time to have it reset.

I have contacted most manufacturers of chemical loo additives to ascertain which ones are safe for the environment, animals and in particular aquatic life. Unfortunately most are not. This includes all blue chemicals, pink rinse and most ‘green’ additives too.

Many ‘green’ toilet additives still contain chemicals and dyes. This includes, Elsan Organic, Fewwicks top n tail, One chem Pro Biotic, Blue Diamond.

Wessex chemicals, Blue Bio clear (Note must be the clear version) is an excellent non toxic, non harmful chemical that reacts with human waste. It contains no dye and is in essence sewage food!

The only additive we know of that is 100% natural, chemical free, does not kill bacteria and contains no dye is SolBio.

In the event that you do not wish to use an approved product do please use our toilets instead. They are up near the barn (two white doors). Or alternatively you may decide to use no additive at all which would actually improve our plant when you empty it and is to be encouraged.